(airdate: 3.11.24) The 96th Oscars were fairly event-free for the Barbie camp, no Oscar love except the one for Original Song, which adds another statue to the shelf for the musical O’Connell’s. Though Ken stole the show. John Cena commemorated the 50th anniversary of the streaker at the 1974 Oscars by showing up in the altogether with just the winner’s envelope covering him.  Kimmel was good, Kate McKinnon was great, and “Dr.” Steven Spielberg was the best! As expected, the In Memoriam was a giant fail, but this year seemed a little too “who cares, they’re dead.”  Princess Kate is covered with egg a little prematurely for Easter. Actually she tried her hand at Photoshop and failed, leaving the major news agencies to cry foul and omit her pic. The winner for best Oscar joke: not the Trump joke by Kimmel, but Messi, the border collie from Anatomy of a Fall, pissing on Matt Damon’s star on Hollywood Blvd. as the ultimate Damon/Kimmel joke.  Madonna called out a person with disabilities for not standing during her concert, then walked it back when she realize who she was calling out.

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